Welcome! I'm a research scientist at Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI). Before that, I was postdoc and PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Interpretable multiagent machine learning: I conduct research in machine learning, game theory and causal inference, aiming to understand and improve interaction between multiple agents and their environment, in areas such as mobility.

Selected publications:

  1. Learning game-theoretic models of multiagent trajectories using implicit layers. (2021). AAAI.
  2. Coordinating users of shared facilities via data-driven predictive assistants and game theory. (2019). UAI. [Slides.]
  3. Causal inference by identification of vector autoregressive processes with hidden components. (2015). ICML. [Slides.]

I work towards transfer of research to innovative applications, and, at the same time, transfer of problem formulations that are relevant for society back into research. This poses interesting challenges due to the diversity of stakeholders and structures involved.

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